• As the founder of The Buckeye Group, Billy Goldberg advises companies on developing new business and creating revenue streams through meaningful strategic partnerships. Recently he completed a deal bringing Strike Spirits to market and is currently working on projects such as the Underline a $150 million public-private partnership in Miami and the Tony Awards. A results-driven advisor, he brings imagination and drive, envisioning and delivering relationships that spark growth and create enduring value. Billy, a business alchemist, identifies a company's "white space"– the unrealized areas of opportunity and growth – connecting the right partners and creating the optimal conditions for conversation. At The Buckeye Group he has generated more than $50 million in new revenue for clients such as The Miss America Organization and DirecTV.


    Prior to the buckeye group, Billy was a TV agent for William Morris Agency, VP and President’s Club Member at Bank of America, sales manager at HSS.net who grew revenue by 400%, and account executive for the Tennis Channel. At those companies, he delivered clients and managed relationships with companies such as Nike, Gatorade, Universal Pictures, The US Army National Guard, Lexus, Land Rover, Paramount Pictures, Acura, Franklin Templeton, Uber and eHarmony.


    Billy is an angel investor and a board member of Urban Fitness 911. He studied international business at Florida State University in London and received his bachelor of science in business administration from The Ohio State University. He served as Co-chairman of Melissa’s House, has written for HuffPost, performed standup at the Improv in Hollywood, and speaks at colleges about success and leadership. Billy is an avid cyclist and basketball player who lives with his family in Southern California.


  • My Story


    All companies, brands and organizations have white space – areas of unmet need and untapped potential. My work is to devise strategies that uncover opportunity, while delivering partnerships that drive revenue.


    I close the gaps between “what if?” and “what next?” and, “if that, then how?”


    My job is to generate new meaningful opportunities and activate partnerships that go beyond the obvious. In addition, I bring the needed resources to actually make those long-term relationships happen – to get deals done. Big thinking is in my DNA; having the network to actualize that thinking is where my work impacts the bottom line.



    Relationship Builder

    In business, relationships are everything. I value integrity, commitment, collaboration, agility and exceeding expectations so everyone wins.


    Leveraging 25 years of connections with agencies, brands, studios, entertainment properties, and cultural institutions, I bring the the broadest level of opportunities to my clients.


    In addition, you can expect:


    •Delivering on promises made

    •Getting things done… and done right

    •Making the most of every opportunity

    •Being Agile

    •Building long-term relationships & collaboration

    •Embracing Like-mindedness, Chemistry, Synchronicity and Flow

    •Modeling Intentionality & Clarity

    •Communicating Empathy

    •Demonstrating Accountability & Responsiveness

    •Having Serious fun & Loving what I do


    Deal Maker

    For the companies I serve, I create new revenue streams through strategic partnerships.


    With The Underline - a $150mm public private partnership in Miami - we created a new revenue stream with Uber and Uber Eats. With Strike Spirits, we collaborated with a private label distributor to create a line of spirits in the bowling industry. Those are just a few examples of recent projects.

  • More About Me

    I have been mentioned in: Forbes, Vanity Fair The Lantern, Reveille, Idea Mensch, BPI Network, Wisconsin Statesman, College Spun

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    Chairman Emeritus. Melissa’s House creates comfortable, nurturing environments for adults living with mental illness. By breathing new energy, strength and life into existing residences we help to restore hope. Check out this video.

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