• Strategy Sessions

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    Imagine yourself devoting a full day to pausing the busyness of business to step back and examine where you have been and where you want to go.


    Nothing makes me happier than sitting one-on-one with a business owner or leader and drilling down to the core issues that are standing in the way of their next big jump. Through our work together, my clients tap into their unrealized potential by seizing opportunities that were there, but previously unseen.


    Together, we will hone your vision and create processes for making your vision a reality - so you will leave our day together with a solid plan for getting there.

  • Who

    Entrepreneurs / Small business owners looking for a trusted advisor.


    Executives / Professionals who are ready to get focused + take action on their next chapter.


    One-on-one session that examines all aspects of the business.


    Identify what’s not working + create a plan to remedy and increase profits.


    Get clear.

    Get focused.

    Get results.


    Online intake forms help gain clarity in advance.


    Full day session at my Beverly Hills office.


    Detailed follow-up materials with a recap of entire day and action steps outlined.

  • The Approach

    Sitting across from a clean 15’ x 8’ white board, we’ll start with a brain dump – examining where you and your company are now - what’s working and what’s not working - then take a look at your near and long term goals. Areas of exploration include:

    • Teams - Are the right people in the right roles?
    • Systems - Are processes in place for efficiency and ease?
    • Revenue - Are you maximizing profitability?
    • Current clients / projects - Can these be mined for more business?
    • Areas of growth - Where can more revenue be found?
    • Anticipated needs - What will you need in the near future to execute ideas?
    • Potential partners - Who are your dream clients and customers?

    The process is collaborative, sparking dynamic conversations that examine each perceived challenge, so it can be addressed and solved, leaving fewer obstacles on the road to success. Once we have clarity on the current situation, we’ll talk strategy, then dive into tactics. What results at the end of the day is a plan of attack for each phase of the business - always with an eye toward new or increased revenue streams.

  • What to Expect

    If you’re interested in learning more, click here to schedule a discovery call to see if it’s a good fit. If it is, then we can schedule our full day session and get to work.

    • Prior to working together, you will receive a comprehensive online questionnaire so I can get to know your business as thoroughly as possible. I want to hit the ground running during our day together. This will need to be submitted no later than 5 days prior to our session.
    • Full Day Strategy Session: 9:00am – 4:30pm at my office in Beverly Hills. (On-site sessions are available upon request.)
    • Detailed follow up notes will be provided along with a timeline for execution.
  • Additional Services

    Financial Modeling

    Transform your idea into reality by defining and projecting the numbers associated with getting a real business off the ground and generating revenue. Get clear about your numbers, both existing and anticipated. This will set the foundation for your success. To learn more and schedule an introductory call, click here.


    Business Development

    Create Value. Create Partnerships. Create Revenue.

    Increase your company’s reach by cultivating partnerships that can lead to sponsorship or licensing opportunities, strategic partnerships and/or mutually beneficial relationships. Click here for more information.