• Who I Serve

    Solo Entrepreneurs

    Successful builders, makers and doers occasionally need to take a step off the gas pedal to assess where they are, define where they want to go and create a plan for getting there.


    Business Owners

    Visionary leaders build organizations using business plans that age over time. A mid-plan recalibration is sometimes required to chart the course for the next period of growth.



    After reaching success in a corporation – questions are often asked: What is next? Where else does my skillset translate? How can my experience and interests be fused to get to where I want to go? And, how can I get there faster?



  • Hear from Some Clients

    Alexa Fischer, Founder - Wishbeads

    There are so many moving parts. It’s easy to get bogged down in the day to day. Billy gave me freedom to pause, get clear about what I want to achieve and—more importantly— see the untapped opportunities for expansion. I left feeling energized, crystal clear and ready to tackle the next steps toward achieving my goals. Even better, we did it together, exchanging ideas in real time so my input was guiding the strategy as we developed it. Worth every penny.

    Daniel Darling, CEO - Programmaddict

    I had built my business to the point where our growth was stagnating. Billy helped us see ways to expand our ability to serve our existing clients while pursuing others and opening new revenue streams. I highly recommend his creative, focused approach and big picture, results-oriented perspective.

    Sophie Chiche, Founder - Shape House

    I worked with Billy on a particular concern I was having and his compassionate, yet focused approach made our time together incredibly valuable and allowed me to get to the heart of my issue. Together, we pinpointed a solution and I was able to use it as a platform to launch a new strategic vision.

    Hilary Laffer, Managing Director - A/C LA

    After a challenging year involving a change in company structure, Billy helped us develop a plan for jump starting our business development efforts to be more proactive, rather than reactive. In addition, with his outside perspective, he was able to identify some of my leadership blindspots and give me the tools I needed to guide our team to achieve results.